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Public institution “Gabrielė‘s Art Gallery”

implements projects of a local and international levels in Lithuania and abroad, in partner spaces : galleries, art fairs and museums.

The founder of the gallery, the creator of experimental painting Gabrielė Kuizinaitė, has organized about 300 exhibitions of Lithuanian and foreign artists in Lithuania and abroad.

VISION -of public institution “Gabrielė Gallery” is to create and strengthen existing ties between artists and communities, to stand out from other existing galleries by exhibitions organized in a different style, to create a model of a non-standard already existing gallery.

The MISSION – of public institution “Gabrielė Gallery” is to create strong ties between Lithuanian and foreign artists, communities, galleries and museums, to participate in prestigious events organized by foreign galleries and art festivals held in different countries.

Public institution “Gabrielė Gallery” works with artists working in various fields, new talents, professional artists and foreign artists.

Since 2005, art critic and cultural manager Gabrielė Kuizinaitė, the head of public institution “Gabrielė Gallery”, has been actively participating in international projects with the following countries since 2005: Finland, Poland (Warsaw), Estonia (Tallinn), Greece, Italy, France, Turkey, South Korea, Spain, Germany, South America, USA (New York), Argentina, Denmark (Copenhagen), Jordan and other countries

We closely collaborate with:

www.kaunas.lt Šaltupis Giedre Bartelt “>Tautos namai
Information partners: Newspaper „Kauno diena“ Gabrielės Kuizinaitė Art gallery on Facebook
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