Danguolė Brogienė
Danguolė Brogienė

1959 Danguolė Brogienė was born and still lives in Lithuania. In 1982, he graduated from the Vilnius Art Institute (now the Vilnius Academy of Arts). He has been teaching at the Vilnius Academy of Arts since 1982. She is a professor at the Vilnius Academy of Arts, where she has taught various subjects in the departments of costume, interior design and architecture for more than 37 years: composition, material innovation, color theory. And further, to this day, she passes on her experience, knowledge to future artists.

Danguolė Brogienė, a professor at the Vilnius Academy of Arts, has been actively participating in exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad since 1982. Organized 16 solo exhibitions and participated in more than 100 international group exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad. The works of a well-known textile artist have been presented in Germany, Mongolia, Russia, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Mexico, Japan, England, the Netherlands, the USA, Slovakia and others.

Lithuanian artist Danguolė Brogienė used the potential of silk, opening the way to unlimited possibilities, to transform traditional contemporary material into contemporary modern art. Her true passion is textile art. The application of unconventional silk thread weaving techniques in textile design has attracted international interest and attention in the Japanese islands and the American continent.

„D. Brogienė’s decorative compositions attract the eye because of the special harmony of colors and because of the shine characteristic of silk thread. Geometric patterns, structures, rhythms probably best reflect D. Brogienė’s creative style. The author believes that the ornament not only provides an aesthetic function, but also has a mystical ceremonial beginning. The textile compositions created by the artist are the semantic structure of signs, references to the Lithuanian cultural heritage and the spirit of the nation. Textile artist D. Brogienė is probably the only creator who represents such a bright tradition of optical art, who started her creative career and matured as an artist in Lithuania, Vilnius – and the most famous Lithuanian and expatriate optical art creators Kazys Varnelis and Kazimieras Žoromskis participated while living in the USA ”. (Curator Daliutė Ivanauskaitė-Kezienė)

The works of the professor, well-known textile artist Danguolė Brogienė, have been acquired by: The Lithuanian National Museum of Art, the Museum of Applied Art and Design, and the textile works decorate public and private interiors in Lithuania and abroad. More than 300 miniature-jewelry has been purchased by private collectors: in Lithuania, the USA, England, Germany, Mauritius, Japan, Denmark, Russia, Armenia and other countries.