Hiroshi Matsumoto, abstract direction painter, was born in 1953 in Kobe city, Japan. He lives and creates in Japan. He studied drawing and painting in Osaka municipal art museum‘s institute.

When Hiroshi Matsumoto is talking about the abstract painting, he says: “I adore painting, its texture, viscosity, slow drying process and smell. I paint abstractions and I never foreknow final result, until I don‘t finish painting. I begin to paint from a few touches on canvas using different colors paints, totally without thinking. My selection of the colors is often random or intuitive. I‘m just trying by chance, how colors harmonize in the composition. Sometimes I get lost, and other times I feel like walking the road, which brings me back, where my place is. To me the abstraction is a real way to share an inside feeling, place and time with you – directly and deeply“.