He was born in 1950 October 11, village of Kruopinė, district of Pasvalys (real date of birth – 1950 September 15).
After he had graduated from school and service in the Soviet army, he worked as an engineer and a workman in various institutions and organizations.
He was learning to photograph independently, began – when he was 15 years old.
Since 1989 – a member of Lithuanian Union of Art Photographers. He was a member of this organization board, for a while, and an executive secretary of Panevėžys department.
In 2005 – was officially granted the status of Art creator.
Constantly participates in creative photographers seminars in Nida.
In 2011 and 2013 participated in Panevėžys International Photography Biennial “The Man and the City“, in 2010 – in Photographers Plein Air, in Joniškis.
In 1989, as a photographer, participated in the expedition in Stalin repressions places, in then Komi Autonomous Republic.
For his creation work, were earnt various awards in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Japan, France and elsewhere.

Personal exhibitions:
Panevėžys Photography Gallery: 1994, 2003, 2010;
Germany Stolberg Gallery: 1994;
Klaipėda Photography Gallery: 2002;
Šiauliai Art Gallery: 2006;
Panevėžys Art Gallery: 2005;
LDS section of Panevėžys Gallery XX: 2015;
Vilnius “Prospect“ gallery: 2005, 2010, 2015;

Series of exhibition works:
“EU“ 2005;
“Body“ 2010;
“120 years“ 2010;
“Planes“ 2015;
“Visible, current – unseen Panevėžys“ 2015.

The cycles of photographs are continued currently:
“Province“ (about Panevėžys),
“Porn right“ (photography of nude body),
“Post-Soviet Lithuania“.

Photographs in collections:
Lithuanian Union of Art Photographers,
Lithuanian Art Museum, Panevėžys Art Gallery,
Šiauliai Photography Museum,
private persons in Lithuania and abroad.

Postcards. Rose blooms. Naked body. Torso. – Panevėžys Photography Gallery, 1993.
Postcard. Bodies. – Advertising agency “Reform“, 2000.
Farewell with the XX century – Vilnius, 2000.
Gift. Photo album. – Panevėžys, 2002.
Lithuanian photography: yesterday and today. – Vilnius, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2003, 2004.
Panevėžys album. 50 weeks. – Panevėžys, 2003.
Portraits of Panevėžys artists. – Panevėžys, 2004.
PF photo album/photographs. – Panevėžys, 2004.
The XX century. Lithuanian photography anthology. Volume III. – Vilnius, 2013.